carpet cleaning perth
carpet cleaning perth

Leather upholstery is a costly investment but properly cared for will look great for a lifetime!

Safe and effective

Magic-Dry use only commercial grade leather care products designed to remove perspiration, body oils and general soiling, without causing damage to the surface of the hide. These products prevent your leather from drying out and cracking, as well as from staining and discolouring.


Looks like new!

Your valuable leather suite is carefully cleaned either manually by hand or using our furniture dry cleaning machine soft pads. Meticulous care is taken to remove all dirt that collects in the numerous crevices of the leather. A soft brush is used to aid this process.


The finishing touch

Finally, your operator will apply leather feed and conditioner to your newly cleaned suite. This moisturisers prolongs the life of your leather. Your suite will be soft and warm to the touch, and fully restored to as close to showroom condition as it can be.