Magic Dry Fabric & Upholstery Cleaning

Depending on the floor surface we are cleaning the couch or other furniture on, we may put protective sheeting down to prevent spillage on to the surface beneath the lounge suite.

We thoroughly power vacuum the fabric/upholstery before commencing the cleaning process. This will remove as much loose dirt as we can. We may pre-treat some stains.

We then dry clean your fabric/upholstery. The process involves combining unique chemical technology with heat and agitation. The result is a capillary action which deep cleans the fabric / upholstery with the added benefits normally associated with dry cleaning.

We then also undertake a rinse and extraction. This process involves spraying the upholstery with a fabric softener & neutralising solution, the upholstery is then extracted with an extraction machine removing all dirt, body oils, sweat & excess moisture.

Stain Removal – We may revisit any stubborn stains. We have a range of highly effective stain removal solutions for various types of stains!